At Home Dog Training While You're At Work

At Home Dog Training While You're At Work

Call Ray's Canine Services for dog training services during your work hours

Owning a dog can be a big task, especially while working full-time. Puppies need to be trained and often need your undivided attention all day, everyday. Ray's Canine Services, LLC of York, PA offers at-home training while you're at work during the day. Don't spend your 9 to 5 worrying what your new dog is chewing up at home. Let Ray and his team provide at home dog training while you're at work.

To learn more about Ray's at home dog training during the work day, call 717-818-5765.

Leave your worries behind with Ray's Canine Services

It can be difficult to find a dog trainer that you trust. Look no further than Ray and his team at Ray's Canine Services, LLC. Choose Ray's for dog obedience training services because:

  • Ray and his team are patient and gentle, yet provide techniques that are effective
  • Ray has experience walking, training, and maintaining dogs throughout the day while home owners are away
  • Ray is a trusted, professional dog trainer in the York, PA area

Don't let another shoe get chewed. Call Ray's Canine Services, LLC of York, PA for dog obedience training while you're away at work.